Growing up in the beautiful forests and farmlands of central Wisconsin, I was drawn to the natural beauty around from a young age. The desire to capture and share that beauty motivated me to save enough money to purchase my first camera at age eleven, and still motivates me today. I fondly recall the times of running across a field with camera in hand to catch the sunset reflecting off a nearby pond, or waiting silently in a forest for hours to photograph whitetail deer.

I began photographing weddings as a senior in high school after listening to friends tell of their efforts to find good photographers and being unimpressed with the lifeless wedding photos that I often saw. Wedding photography is uniquely special, not only am I trying to create beautiful images but I am trying to capture the joy, emotion, and significance of the day.    

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife Hannah and son Joah, and being active outdoors. This usually means biking, running, hiking, or cross country skiing. I also enjoy traveling both domestically and internationally. Whatever the destination, my camera is usually along for the journey.